What time can be custom spot in the system ?

& nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; At the same moment Stock Exchange trading system , trading from 9:00 to 12:00 Saturday to Wednesday of each week except holidays is done . Pyshgshaysh hours of 8:30 and 9:00 is also the market that a deal can be done at this hour , but there is a possibility of entering orders and price changes .
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Is it possible that someone in the first minute stock market shares to buy and sell the same hour later ?

Yes . With the launch of new trading systems , you can purchase shares on the same day you sell it .
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What is the purpose of the supply or the demand ?

Best offer : The lowest price in order to sell a stake in the system of equations is entered .

The demand for the highest price for the purchase of shares in the trading system has been entered .

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Is fees spot is different from the sales person ?

No . Access to the system include the cost of a particular spot , such as purchase orders and sales orders in person is not and fees .

Average trading account opening moments What documents are required ?

submit the original birth certificate, national ID card principle and the principle of qualification required to open an account real customers is . The minimum acceptable qualification spot for access to the system , diploma .

For corporate customers , providing birth certificates and national ID card of authorized signatories , articles of association and recent changes to the Official Journal of the birth certificate , national ID, along with the introduction of a mandatory qualification is representative of the company .

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Is it possible to copy the documents required to open an account for non- face to face transactions sent moment ?

Yes . You can copy your identification documents at the Notary Public is the original , by registered mail sent to the server .
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What is the test spot ?

The test for trial was held and the rules and regulations of the stock exchange and the principles of Capital & zwnj; investment in stock. For passing the exam must obtain a minimum score of 70 percent .
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Whether to use the trading system brokerage moment Tat Bank must open an account at a particular bank had ?

New Economy brokerage TAT BANK banks , Parsian , Pasargad , TAT , business, organization , export , entrepreneurs , agricultural , nation and national accounts that can spot you open an account at one of the banks .
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The proceeds from the sale of shares in the trading system the moment , how is the customer ?

4 working days after deposit of the funds from the sale of stock and at the request of the customer account number already been announced by his agent , is carried out .
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Is it possible to & quot; futures & quot; The system 's spot ?

No . Do & quot; futures & quot; The system allows & zwnj; not allowed .

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